Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Was Supposed to Be My "Before" Picture

I had a can of white spray paint and was feeling quite certain that this vase on my bedroom dresser needed a nice coat of it. 

However, in preparing to take a "Before" picture I did a little tweaking.  I finally trimmed the long bottoms off these stems that had forever for over a year been bent-up to fit inside - not pretty.  That made quite the difference, and then instead of having the vase and jewelry box to either side of the dresser I pushed them both to the center of the dresser.  

And then, I realized I was actually ready to take my "After" picture.

Paint project averted.  

What around your home just needs a little tweaking for a "Before" picture to turn it into your "After" picture? ;)

Flowers: Target
Jewerly Box: Tuesday Morning
Wire Tray: Thrift Store
Vase: Hobby Lobby

See more tweaking in the Master Bedroom {HERE}


  1. I love when a project is averted. Doesn't happen that often. Looks beautiful.

  2. that's perfect, Cailan! I agree... don't paint it! :)

  3. Looks great! I love when a big project turns into a little project with just a little "tweaking"!

  4. Looks great, its perfect as it is and you didnt have to paint anything! By the way thanks for stopping by my blog, if you are in NC I'd love to go yard saleing and show you my favorite spots. I hope you come back for a visit soon, I will be following along with your blog, its lovely.