Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Session: Logan

Been cutting back on photography lately, but loved taking for this sweet family to mark their boy's first birthday.

I thought mom did such a great job with their outfits - everyone in jean with grey and blue tops, red accents.  
Love her happy red shoes.

That bit of red shirt just gives their little man that perfect amount of pop right around his face.


And then the red was perfect with Logan's adorable racer. I've never seen one of these in person (I think it's from Land of Nod) but it was so cute and he loved riding it.

So sweet. So fun.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Window Shopping: At West End

I feel like this is a bit of a random post, but I keep getting these random, unusual catalogs in the mail from stores I've never heard of, and then I find these interesting things - none of which I'm likely to actually buy (esp. when i'm actually in the process of purging my home), but you never know! So I feel like I might as well share my findings with you because perhaps you have never heard of this dandy place and might have a birthday coming up or need a idea for unusual gift for your favorite friend - you never know. ; )
So this place is called At West End.  Each of their pieces is handmade often using recycled materials, so much of their things are quite unique.  Not everything is my cup of tea, but here are a few things that caught my eye.

Thought this giant paperclip holder stand was pretty fantastic for a fun, quirky, industrial accessory.

Love these fishes.  Perfect for a pop of turquoise.

Thought the mermaid bookends was fun, too.

Been seeing these glass stands around, but this one is at a fairly reasonable price.

I like the look with the recycled wine glasses, but also it reminded me of this fun look with mugs I found on Pinterest.

Industrial letters.

Lovely statement piece.

And I really like all this wood server-ware.  It feels so warm, and organic and lovely.

Just a sampling.  Thanks for browsing with me.  : )

love, cailan

Monday, March 26, 2012

party time

Last week, the day our house closed we celebrated my oldest boy's 5th birthday.  It was angry bird birthday party.  I am not one bit fond of these birds.  It was a party truly for my child - not for me (though I suppose I added my own touches ;)

I made the angry bird cupcakes.

 I hadn't even started decorating until after we signed the contract to sell our house at 3:30, so it was a bit rushed, but Sister came over to help and we managed to pull it together festively enough.

 And he was thrilled.



All the funny, sweet cousins.

loved using these empty Frappaccino Starbuck's bottles for milk, with stripey straws, of course.

 We set up a table in the sunroom for the party - don't know why I hadn't thought to do it before - the light was so nice.

And look! we even managed a family picture!  too bad I'm the only one looking in the "right" direction ; )

So thankful for five years with this little man. 

And yes, very glad I gave him the angry bird party of his little boy dreams.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a whole house tour (every nook)

I've been blogging along for a little over year now, but I don't think I've ever showed you the outside of our house.   
Here she is - our very first house.

 Some of you know that we just listed our house for Sale, so I thought I'd show you the pictures I took for the fliers.  Some of this you may have seen in the "Home Tour" part, but there's a fair share of rooms I never have shown, including areas I never did get to decorating-wise in our 2 1/2 years here.

The Entryway.

You've seen my Writing Desk, but I don't think I've ever shown the whole "Library"?  This is kind-of our "quiet room" - no toys stored in here - just books and writing - it's a cozy place to chat.

the Dining Room.

Kitchen. love my kitchen.

We eat all our meals at this little table. 
 Love the southern light that comes in these windows all day long.

Living Room.

Here's another new-to-you room - the Sunroom.  It's where all the toys happily live.  It's unheated, but because of the south-facing windows the room is often warm enough to play in even on winter days.  Best room ever.

Here's a room I never got to - the powder room on the main floor.   Wanted to strip the wall-paper, paint (stencil?), paint the cabinet and do a new light fixture.  Rug, yuck. Oh well.

Also wanted to paint cabinets and walls in the Laundry Room. Oh well.

The basement is my Sweetheart's domain - this is his library and office.

Except for my little room for guests.  Wallpaper was already there from previous owners, it made it kind-of sweet, albeit very feminine. 

"Exercise Room"

Alternately Sweetheart's and Guest's Bathroom. Everything in here was hand-me-down. 

Back all the way upstairs, to the Master Bedroom.  Love the windows in here.

My dear little bathroom.  I know, I've been so spoiled.

Twin's Nursery - they are so ready for big-kid beds now!

Kid's Bathroom, with wallpaper from previous owners.  It wasn't too bad.

Finally, my oldest boys room.  This is the room I really wanted to repaint to compliment the yellow bed.  I ended up just getting to do a little rearranging instead. 

And now I get to tell you that this HOME IS SOLD.  That's right, about 48 hours after we put it on the market, we had two offers and signed a contract.  So many feelings right now.  I'm relieved and so grateful, but wow, the reality of moving is suddenly so real...   At least I have till June 29th to get more comfortable with the idea.... and God is good.

love, cailan