Friday, March 16, 2012

a time to write

I do so love finding a friendly note in my mailbox {like the cute one above!}.  It always completely makes my day.   Recently the women of our church started a little note-writing project.  Every two months we each get a name or two of another lady in the church and were assigned to write to them at least once over the course of the next few weeks.

It's been a sweet way to connect more with other women in the church - often with ladies I don't know as well or chat with much.  I love it.

While I've always loved writing letters and for many years collected a nice little bit of stationery , in this busy season of life my faithfulness in writing ebbs and flows.  However, this little project has led me back to my writing desk and suddenly I find that it would really be so easy to drop a quick line to so-and-so...and a nice little thank you note would be just the thing for that thoughtful girl.

So out come the thank you notes. Love these birdy ones from Cavallini.

And aren't these Bonsai stamps from the Post Office so lovely?

And I have to share these with you. ; ) I had spied these sweet little mini-notes at Target months ago, but decided against them for $7.  This week I found them on clearance for $2!  Aren't they darling?  So perfect for a bitty note or gift card.

 Love the bicycle best.

Cute, obliging bird clip from here  ; )

So perhaps you will be prompted to crack open your own box of cards.  Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all be on our note-writing lists?   Happy weekend, friends!

love, cailan


  1. all your note cards are so sweet and pretty, Cailan! letters are certainly rare these days, but always a treasure to savor again and again... I feel blessed to have shared so many back-and-forth letters with you! I hope you have a grace-filled day, sweet friend!

  2. i love this post. i have been "writing" note to friends in my head all week. but i haven't bothered to sit down and do it. this was just the encouragement i needed! thanks....and i love that bird clip!!

  3. target clearance is the BEST! i love notes. i want your addy...i'll send you one! i just bought some notecards in the dollar section at cute! love this, girlie :)

  4. i love getting notes in the mail, too! :)
    in fact, i just sent out a few yesterday.
    i hope they are a blessing to those who get them! :)
    and i LOVE your note cards...they are just beautiful!

  5. I have a note card obsession, too! I simply love pretty, little notecards - some of them can be framed! But you are right ~ even better when you receive a handwritten note in the mail on one of them. :-)

  6. That is a neat idea! I love getting notes in the mail, too. I love your new note cards. I wonder if my Target still has some....

  7. I love, love, love writing notes to my friends and family. It makes my day to send them and hopefully, it makes their day to receive them. Letter/note writing is so much more personal than impersonal Facebook comments, etc....:) It makes my heart happy. :)