Monday, March 19, 2012

birthday brunch & gifts for girlies

This weekend Sister threw such a lovely party for her twin girls.  One girl loves doggies, the other bunnies.  One girl adores princesses, the other aspires to piracy.  It's amazing (and adorable) how adamantly different they are, yet I love how Sister blended the themes and absolutely thrilled each little girl's heart.  She's such a thoughtful Momma.  I just snapped a few pics, so go over to Meg + Andy for more pretty details. 

A "Princess Bunny" cake (there was also a "Pirate Doggie" cake :)

For gifts, I put together little writing boxes for each girl.  Four may be a tad early for something like this, but they're already really sweet about composing "letters" that Sister transcribes for them, and I fancied it would be a start to encourage cousinly communication when we move. 

I was so happy to find these little boxes at Target.

And I just filled them with a couple choices of stationary, stickers, an envelope of stamps, and these crayons.  {Have you seen these themed crayons at Target?  There are all sorts of adorable-fun sets}  The whole "box" cost under $10.   An address book would be a natural addition - I suppose I'll get them one when they're just a bit older.

Here's one for the girlie who likes pink and princesses. 

So that was our weekend fun!  We also finally got our house on the market, which means I completely cleaned and took pictures of our Entire House.  It was a definite first and felt like quite the accomplishment.  Looking at all the pictures, I was surprised how much of our home I've never posted about here...some areas I just never got to.  So anyway, I suppose I'll show you the whole thing - bathrooms and all - later this week. ; )  Also finally going to celebrate my boy's birthday on Wednesday.  Ahhh, good times.

Hope you had some weekend fun, too.

love, cailan


  1. Your sister did a great job with the party and mixing both ideas together. I love your gifts you put together for th girls! I've done that for older people, but never thought to for a child. Thanks for the great idea! It's never too early to start sending lovely notes.

  2. She did a fabulous job! i am sure they Loved it! your gift to them was perfect!

  3. i was just at meg's and what a fun party! my sophie just had her bday yesterday too...she's four too! i'm excited to see your house pics. doesn't it feel good to get something big like that all done?!

  4. Ummm, just realized you 2 are sisters.
    I had to read that a couple of imes to really get it.
    How fun!
    I read both your blogs and I had no idea.
    Upon reflection though, it doesn't surpriseme.
    You are both so creative.
    Loved that party.
    And those writing boxes are a great idea.
    Love from,

  5. what a sweet, sweet, party!
    and i absolutely LOVE your idea for gifts.
    i have seen those boxes so many times and wanted to buy the heart one,
    but i don't have a use for it, yet!
    thanks for the great idea, sweetie!