Thursday, March 29, 2012

Window Shopping: At West End

I feel like this is a bit of a random post, but I keep getting these random, unusual catalogs in the mail from stores I've never heard of, and then I find these interesting things - none of which I'm likely to actually buy (esp. when i'm actually in the process of purging my home), but you never know! So I feel like I might as well share my findings with you because perhaps you have never heard of this dandy place and might have a birthday coming up or need a idea for unusual gift for your favorite friend - you never know. ; )
So this place is called At West End.  Each of their pieces is handmade often using recycled materials, so much of their things are quite unique.  Not everything is my cup of tea, but here are a few things that caught my eye.

Thought this giant paperclip holder stand was pretty fantastic for a fun, quirky, industrial accessory.

Love these fishes.  Perfect for a pop of turquoise.

Thought the mermaid bookends was fun, too.

Been seeing these glass stands around, but this one is at a fairly reasonable price.

I like the look with the recycled wine glasses, but also it reminded me of this fun look with mugs I found on Pinterest.

Industrial letters.

Lovely statement piece.

And I really like all this wood server-ware.  It feels so warm, and organic and lovely.

Just a sampling.  Thanks for browsing with me.  : )

love, cailan


  1. I have those square wooden plates (lower right corner of the last photo) and love them. They are what we use for appetizer plates. I love natural, organic-feeling things for the home!

  2. Those paperclips are adorable...actually all of this is!