Friday, June 10, 2011

If I Started Right Quick....

Perhaps I could have one of these lovely blankets draped about by the Fall.

 This pressing idea and inspiring pictures were brought to my attention by Birch and Bird this week.

I can't do much in the way crocheting and patterns are out of the question, but I can crochet a granny square.  So there's hope.  Especially with this most helpful how-to for guidance.

On another note, in my 40 bags in 40 days venture, I didn't quite finish the 40 days, but oh my, did I come up with the many bags, half a garage's worth.  So tomorrow Sister and I are throwing together a garage sale.  I don't think it will look quite this pretty, but we'll have some good times.

Also want to let you all know that Tuesday Morning in these Colorado parts is having a 50% off Clearance Sale all weekend!  So if there was ever a time to make the trek it would be today...I'm thinking to make it happen even with my three little people in tow - is this wisdom?

One final note:  Sweet Anita at Cedar Hill Ranch featured me on her blog today - bless her heart.  She lives on and blogs about the loveliest ranch.  I could spend all day on those porches.  Thank you, Anita!

Cedar Hill Ranch

Cedar Hill Ranch


  1. So glad to show off your beautiful blog!!

  2. Congrats on being able to crochet even a square...anything to do with textiles leaves me hopelessly clumsy! Good luck on you garage sale...Rachel's having one at her house on Sunday too!
    Lily from Birch + Bird