Monday, June 13, 2011

Out with the Old & in with some New

Last weekend, I said good-bye to the most mountainous pile of stuff you could imagine.  I took loads and loads and loads over to Sister's and on Saturday we said good-bye to most of it at our garage sale.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture - it was impressive.  

But while it felt so Amazing to get rid of so much, I was yet happy to say "hello" to just a couple of new things (at least they're small ;).  Some friends sold some things at our sale, so I got that super-lovely tray from them along with the acrylic paints in sweet little glass jars that make me want to set up an art room.  Frame from my mom, and purse that is completely impractical for this stage of my life but still so funky-cute-I-couldn't-resist from Sister.  I thought it would make a good garage-sale-ing I said impractical - I'll probably sell it at the next garage sale, woohoo!

 The tray gets to live here now.

 So did you do some lovely cleansing or lovely collecting this weekend? 
Or both?

Now, my favorite thing ever collected at a garage sale was this hutch, now in the twin's room -
it was just what the room needed.

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  1. I did none of the two, but I'm glad you did! It looks great!

  2. i did some lovely collecting....and i love this!!! happy monday!

  3. I did a little Flea Market shopping this weekend. Took a whole bunch of stuff to goodwill last week. It felt good!!

  4. I did some cleaning out and it felt goooood!