Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iron Beds

I love iron beds.
They're just so quaint-lovely-antique-vintage-looking.

The lines are always so interesting.

  Painted is so fun too.

 And lined up in a row...

 So sweet.

{I also love it when Blogger works...sorry for the delay today}

{I also love to get away with my sweetheart - going away this afternoon - may not get posts set-up...we'll see!}

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  1. I love iron beds. My husband and I have a white one and my daughters each have the very ones in your "in a row" picture. What a pretty post!

    ~Kate (visiting from What I Love Wednesday)

  2. and I like this one...

  3. I have been wanting those ikea iron beds forever. maybe if i have a screened in porch in my next life...

  4. love this...will be looking for a wee iron bed for my little one, as she climbed out of her crib this week. ~d. :)

  5. I want iron beds for my girls room so bad, but alas, I must get bunk beds. These are beautiful!

  6. We are thinking about moving our three boys into our master bedroom and I would LOVE for them to have iron beds all in a row:). They are just so neat looking:).


  7. Nice choices. All those rooms look good.