Tuesday, June 28, 2011

56 Lovely Hours Away

  This last weekend my Sweetheart booked reservations and walked me into this lovely place to celebrate our five whole years of married life for TWO DAYS + 8 hours. It was truly a groundbreaking event.
 {The lobby}

Somehow my Sweetheart caught this resort just at the lowest of the low season, so we got an amazing rate.
 We were continually smiling in disbelief at each other and saying "how did we get here again?"  We were quite out of place, and I tried very hard not to get too spoiled and hold loosely to the whole experience....

...I'm not sure I succeeded. ;)

We walked about the picturesque little mountain town of Vail.

We ate sublime-ness on a plate.
 {Sweet Basil Restaurant}

With more for dessert.
{Flame Restaurant}

And played golf.
{actually just my Sweetheart - I was the unofficial cart driver - a childhood dream come true!}

I was also the official sports photographer.
So I tried to get some artsy shots.

 And caught some sweet action.
{Just look at that form! Whew.}

It was all completely lovely, but my real anniversary gift was this...

I took about 15 baths during our stay.  
Not really on the 15 part, but I did get quite pruny. I never indulge in baths at home; it was the ultimate treat. 

Thank you for a beautiful time, Sweetheart. Love you much.

 {and thanks to superb Nana for watching our kiddos!}


  1. That looks like a lovely trip away from home! Gosh that bathtub is lovely!

  2. I've heard that Vail is a beautiful place to visit, and your pictures certainly agree with that! what a sweet time you shared. So happy that you got to have that time together.

  3. how fun! what a fun getaway :) y'all are cute!!

  4. Congratulations on 5 years. Looks like a lovely resort.