Monday, June 6, 2011

Frame on Mirror

So here is an unconventional way I decided pull some color over to the opposite side of the family room.  

I hung a painted thrifted frame on top of my (Ethan Allen thrifted) mirror. 

 Here's the frame before (and my boy's feet).

And gave it coat of spray paint.

Using this purty color from Lowes.

And snipped off the wire on the back.

And isn't this the loveliest ribbon ever?  Hobby Lobby is full of surprises. 

Looped it through the frame and tied it to the wire on the back of the mirror.

Ta-da!  Like I said, it's a little unconventional.  But kind of quirky and interesting.  This area definitely needs some more tweaking.  It's right by our back entry, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a good bowl for keys...

And I'm back with some tweaking.  That old lamp was just kind-of a bummer.  I stole this lamp from my office desk, and it'll need to be returned, but it gives me a good idea of how much a different lamp would help this area.  And I'm thinking a galvanized pail for the key bowl...

 Good times.

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  1. Beautiful blog. Please contact me on my blog, couldn't find your email here. It's about being featured. :)

  2. Such a novel idea and looks great!

  3. i love it, what about bringing in some colour also by adding a little something to the lamp shade?....maybe spray painting some jute, and trimming the shade with it?

    adding some of your ribbon to the shade? (not sure of that idea but maybe play with it?)...i love the white bowl, but also think a galvanized bucket would be great....or how about an antique enamel bowl?..i love mixing the aged worn enamel bowls in!