Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Cheerful Bunting Tut

Here's a bit of new bunting I just made for an upcoming party for the twins.  I love these fabrics and love even more that they were cheap and found at Hobby Lobby.  $3 yard for the mint broadcloth and about $4 a yard for the raspberry check.

This bunting is different from my previous bunting in that I used Double Wide Bias tape and made it two-sided - as in it looks finished from both sides.  For the other bunting I used Single Wide Tape which would have driven me batty to try to fold and pin and sew each bunting piece inside the tape, so I just pinned and sewing the tape to the tops.  For this one the bunting is sewn inside the fold of the bias tape.

Here's my supplies. Though I cut many more pieces than I needed  and actually got three packages of bias tape for a total of 9 yards of bunting.  I used 30 pieces for those 9 yards.{You'll also need pins and thread and a nice mother, sister, or friend who'll let you use her sewing machine...and kindly help you with the bobbin.}

Here you see how nicely the Double Wide tape lays open...and rather sad cuticles.

See how easily the top of the bunting fits inside.  This pinning part really went very quickly.

All nicely tucked inside.

A pile of lovely bunting ready to run through Sister's sewing machine.  Because #1 I don't have a sewing machine and #2 I'm very intimidated by bobbins.  But bobbins aside this is very easy sewing just following the tape straight down.  Took about 10 minutes.

And here she is all ready for a cheerful party...and maybe a little ironing. maybe.


  1. so cute!I love the little ones for birthday cakes :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. love these colors, sister. way to have a vision!

  3. Very cute! The colors are so summery and fun.

  4. So cute!! I just made some bunting for my daughter's room. I love how yours turned out.

  5. I've been meaning to crochet some of these... Love your choice of fabrics.