Monday, July 18, 2011

Ice Box Cake

Remember the part in Disney's Pollyanna when she's at the bazaar and Cook hands her a big piece of fluffy cake, layered cake?  Yes, well that image has stuck with me for about 25+ years, and in my mind that cake is just like this wonderful cake of my mother's - Ice Box Cake.  

It is just about my favorite cake ever {chocolate must come very first}.  
It's a simple, wonderful, fluffy, yummy, yummy cake, and it's my mum's very special, rather top secret recipe.

Which means I can't exactly tell you how to make it.  But I'll give you some good hints..because no one should miss out on a piece of this four-layered-deliciousness.

Especially when it starts out with something as easy as a box yellow cake mix.  Yes, a box.  I have tried in vain to make a homemade yellow cake - it turned out just too dense for this recipe.  So revel in homemade goodness every other day, but today make up a box of yellow cake mix and put it in two 9 inch pans.

 Here are not the most helpful photos showing you how I use string (or floss in a pinch) to divide one cake into two layers. Do this for both cakes for a total of four layers.
{wrap the string around the middle, cross like pictured and then pull ends through the cake.  Yikes, does that make any sense???}

Do this for both cakes, for a total of four layers.

So obviously, the frosting is the secret, but I'll give you all the ingredients and I just know you'll figure it out. 

Start with a good bit {a lot} of this.

 And then add some of this...

And a little of this.  Getting the idea?

Then layer it all up like so... and around the sides.
And chill {the "Ice Box" part} for at least a few hours - making it a day ahead is best.
And serve straight from the fridge.

Then take your Lovely Ice Box Cake off the the bazaar to share with your family and friends.

And be sure to play the glad game. :)


  1. What an ingenious way to cut the cake in half..... thanks for sharing it!!

  2. one word: YUM! and I love Pollyanna and the glad game. Ok, that was more than 2 words. :)


  3. Oh WOW! That looks simply yummy:).

  4. Girl,,,, my husband's favorite flavor is Kahlua. Whenever we go to Cheesecake Factory he always gets the Kahlua cheesecake_so he is going to be very happy about this. Thank you for making my Monday. :)

  5. ohhh yum! thank you for this :) will definitely have to try. thanks for the tips!

  6. YUM. I am so into cakes right now. It's my thing. This one sounds yum-O. And, yours is really pretty, too. :)

  7. this sounds and looks so delicious! visiting from life made lovely ... and this certainly is lovely!

  8. What a fun read, and a wow of a cake. You make it look easy, so I'm encouraged to try! How can you go wrong with those ingredients?

  9. I made this cake last week for my daughter's birthday party. I didn't have the Kahlua liquor so I used instant coffee granules. It was so delicious! Thanks for a new yummy cake recipe.