Friday, July 1, 2011

Vintage Sheets

I've recently developed a very keen need for a collection of vintage sheets.  I love the patterns, the worn softness, and the way they make me think of summer nights spent at my Memaw and Papa's little farmhouse when I was very young.

My local thrift store has been helping me out for about $2.50 a sheet - so nice.   I found this one - my favorite so far - last week.  I'm thinking it would make the loveliest picnic blanket.

 There are so many lovely uses of vintage sheets...just waiting for me.


I think I'll be collecting for awhile yet.  :)

Happy thrifting this weekend!

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  1. I LOVE vintage sheets! I remember my grandmother used to have sheets like this on the gust bed I used to sleep in. Such fond memories. I should start a collection of my own...

  2. The sheets in the second grandmother used to have those! I fondly remember snuggling under them in the little twin bed that I got to have if none of the other, older grandkids were there at the same time. What a neat thing to collect! I wish that our thrift stores carried such interesting things. lol

  3. What sweet memories! Do you have a local ARC thrift store, Meri? That's where I've found these on 1/2 price just never know when you might come across some!

  4. Dear Cailan, Your blog is a little Heaven on earth! What beautiful posts. :) Hope we can chat soon. Call me if you have any spare time!! <3 <3 <3 I don't have your home phone number :(


  5. Especially love the photos of the bed and the curtains - gorgeous! Aren't old sheets the best? They're SO soft. I'm just now starting to set up a guest room and I'll be looking for old sheets for the bed that I'm putting in that room.

  6. Oh that is so pretty! Love your idea, and the colors are great too.

  7. I love the patterns of these vintage sheets. I've made some skirts from vintage pillow cases!

  8. Love that sheet! They were my favorite growing up. I had the whole set with the canopy and everything. They were from Sears, I believe.