Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating with Cupcakes

 As a last minute effort to have some festive dessert for the Fourth I threw together The Pioneer Woman's Flag Cake batter (though I guess she says it's actually Barefoot Contessa's) and made it into cupcakes because 1) I didn't have enough fruit to make the flag design and 2) Cupcakes are fun and 3) We couldn't possibly celebrate Fourth of July without some yummy sweetness.

The recipe made about 24 large cupcakes.

I also made the cream cheese frosting, but halved it as it as the whole recipe makes a TON.  Even for the cake (when I've made it in the past) it seemed a bit excessive - which says a lot coming from me, because the frosting is without a doubt the best part of any cake in my humble opinion.

Hope you all had a happy Fourth - and that you got a little yummy food before the day was over. :)

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  1. these were indeed fabulous. i was really wishing i had another one around 11pm last night! :)

  2. visiting from LML! those cupcakes look divine!!! love your blog!