Friday, July 8, 2011

Pretty Wallpaper in Tiny Places

 Love the way wallpaper makes this little laundry room feel so special
{the lantern and wire-front cabinets don't hurt ;)}

And thinking about how one of these pretty prints would be so fun in a little nook, wall, hallway, room in my home.

And thinking very hard how a roll of this could fit into my budget.... just one roll for a small space.

Thinking it would look quite nice on this wall...

This is for sale on Etsy. So sweet.

 And this is very pricy loveliness from Anthropolgie.

Hmmm. Fun to think and hope a little. 


  1. I love wallpaper in small places, especially a half bathroom.

  2. Those are gorgeous. Someday when we aren't renters any longer, I'll wallpaper something, or do another cute wall treatment.

  3. so inspiring! i love the one with the little birdies... and the one with the patchwork of different wallpapers. i might have to try that!
    thanks. :)

  4. i spent way too much of my life hating wallpaper, and after a few years of seeing one gorgeous pricey roll after another, i'm in love! same with jordan- once i'm not renting, watch out!

  5. Cailan, I'm in love! I don't know what to do. What should I do? I want some of that in my house. But where? Which one? Ah!!!!!!!!!