Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bitten by the Thrifting Bug

I've dabbled in thrift stores in the past - very sporadic and usually half-hearted visits. However, the past three Saturday mornings I've loaded up my three kiddos and headed for our local thrift store.  It's official - I've been bitten by the thrifting bug.  I'm not sure how long the fever will last (probably when the cold weather returns!), but for now my heart goes pitter-pat at the thought of next Saturday morning and the lovely something I just might happen upon.

Here are some of my latest finds.
{Globe on Stand - $8}

{Footed Iron Stone Bowl $3}

{Framed Print $3}
hanging this quick-quick

{Old Suitcase $7}
can't wait to use this for photo shoots

{Lovely Green Frame $3}
so many lovely possibilities: book pages...chalkboard...chicken wire

{Old Lidded Jar - $2}
like the extra-largeness of this one

What about you - have you been bitten?

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  1. Great finds! I've been wanting a globe like that ...what a steal!

  2. That globe is so incredible! Your other finds are great, too!

  3. That globe! I loooove it- such a great find. I love thrifting- give me a good yard sale or thrift store and I'm a happy girl.

    Hope you have an awesome week!
    Ally @ Tiny Wallet Style

  4. Oh, and I'm a new follower! Your blog is gorgeous!

  5. Oh man... I haven't been thrifting in a while, but every time i go i get the bug! You found some great things. Maybe I'll go thrifting this weekend :) -Emily

  6. i am definitely always keeping my eyes peeled for cool old frames like that at cheap prices... what great finds for good deals!

  7. Your finds are awesome. I need to find better thrift stores, the ones around here very rarely have any treasures. I think other people in town pick them over too.

  8. Great finds and great deals!
    I love thrifting. It's such a creative challenge and I never get complimented more than on the stuff that I've thrifted. So fun!

  9. I love thrifting and am always looking for great treasures! Your finds are beautiful!!


  10. Do you share the name of your thrift store??

  11. Oh my good God....where is this amazing thrift store? It must be heaven inside. Such gorgeous items. Thrifting is a huge passion for me. So fun that you got the bug.

  12. that is the cutest globe everrrrrr!! Great finds!