Friday, July 22, 2011

Boy by the Window

It is a very happy thing to manage to get your little boy to stand
by the nice light coming in the window and look at you.


It makes for a rather nice picture-taking opportunity.

Though I missed the boat on this one - just not quick enough to get it in focus.
But I'll keep it.  That blurry smile is too sweet to let go.

There, that's better.

It took these  in the early afternoon with my 50 mm lens. The window faces South.
{just in case you're curious}

Happy picture-taking this weekend!


  1. He is so cute. Lovely natural lighting!

  2. Gideon! you're the cutest little buddy ever! He looks so old in the 2nd one!
    Love, Aunt Meg

  3. Gideon is such a dear. Love him and you all very much!