Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yard Sale Silver

 On my rather jarring first day back to Reality after our 56 Hour Getaway -
{the same day somebody had already pooped in the tub and another somebody had a complete meltdown over bubbles}

- I loaded all my kiddos in the car for a therapeutic drive around the neighborhood...and stumbled upon a garage sale.  No one was there, so I pulled right up to the front, left the air-conditioning and music on and stepped about seven feet from the car {stressing that I did not abandon my children} where I found a bag of this.

 Almost eight complete settings of silver.

Including eight soup spoons - my very favorite article of silverware.

All for $9.

Suddenly Reality was really quite lovely after all. ;)

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  1. those are pretty cool pictures, sister. way to go finding a deal. YAY!

  2. wow lovely silver & i love the pattern you made

  3. what a wonderful deal! Truly beautiful.
    I'm sad that I haven't gotten to talk with you lately, but thank you for all your "tips" - what a great friend you are! Love you!

  4. What a great find!
    I really enjoy reading your blog and would like to give you the One Lovely Blog award. You can grab the button and rules from my blog.

  5. you got the find of the week, that is for sure! way to go. thank goodness for kids that need a ride in the car! lori l

  6. Great bargain for silver! I'd be in silverware heaven with this purchase. :-) Am visiting from Rhoda's.

  7. love the photo of the silver..... your blog is fun to read too.

    visiting from Rhoda's Thrifty Treasure party

  8. Very artistic on how you design them. Those wares are awesome. Hope to some more beautiful silvers on the wares.

    sell silver