Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mossy Monogram + Book Pages

That equation equals Pretty Lovely in my book just about every time.  Now, get ready for a preetttty long tutorial { I got a little picture happy }

First we have this big frame that used to have a horizontal oil painting in it.  It was fine, but I really needed a vertical painting for a particular space on the family room wall.   So out went the painting and to replace it a cut out a same-size sheet of cardboard.

 Got out my Mod Podge.

 And Mod Podged some more Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Part II.  No lamenting this time - I'm pretty over it.

Then I just pressed it in and switched the wiring on the back so it could hang vertically. 

I actually did the whole book page part last fall, and played around with various adornments, but it became clear to me this Spring that the Book Pages needed some Moss.

 Enter $5 "M" from Hobby Lobby and about $4 (with 40% off coupon) Moss Cloth.

 This was my first encounter with Moss Cloth - look how lovely it is.

Of course every letter would be approached a bit differently, but I started by cutting some strips...

 And hot-glued them on, starting at the top and adding more glue and pressing down all the way along the letter.

I made some cuts here and there to allow the cloth to fit about the rounded parts. 

The moss cloth is very forgiving - I simply couldn't mess it up.

Here's the back, which I didn't need to be completely covered, but would have been easy to fill in with left-over scraps.

Just kept adding in strips - are you completely smitten yet?

 Here she is, all done.  I love her dimension, versus a flattish letter.

The back of these letters have holes to hang them on, so I'd thought I'd put thumbtacks in the cardboard and hang the letter on them.

I tried it, but such a job is not one to be eyeballed and I was too much hurry for all-done-gratification to find my measuring tape.   So I hot glued it on.  Three cheers for hot glue!

And.....yes, it's little crooked, proving that tape measuring should always be chosen in lieu must-have-it-done-now-gratification. 

Here, it is hanging in the Family Room.  It's kind-of an awkward angle, but at least you get an idea of where it lives.  This is the wall opposite of the newly curtained window.

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  1. VERY COOL! the book pages are just exactly right with the moss, and the black frame, LUUVE IT! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is so great. I keep wanting to do something similar and just have never done it. You have inspired me to get going on my own project.

  3. Oh I love this!! I'm all about any project that involves book pages or moss. Turned out great!

  4. love this! moss is the best way to add some nature to the room.

  5. So lovely!! I am going to make it for sure, well done!!

  6. I've been wanting to comment on this for some time but had to figure out how :) anyway I love this, thanks for going through the instructions - I'm going to try it, someday soon, I hope

  7. Love it! I've been wanting a moss letter to suspend in the center of the big mirror over my mantle but wasn't sure how to execute it. I'll be making this next weekend! Thanks! Should I assume the moss cloth also came from Hobby Lobby and that one package is enough to cover one of their typical sized letters?

  8. I am your newest follower. Love your blog! Pinned this too!

    Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  9. I absolutely adore your blog! Your style is right up my alley! I've been following you for a while, but this may be the first time I've commented. The framed monogram art is perfect for a certain spot in my home lacking decor.
    Would love if you checked out Sweet Ava Kate and followed along!