Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dressing the Windows

This is a photo from our Family Room.  Here, the window is dressed for Winter in a JC Penny "velvet" panel that I got for $10 a piece at Tuesday Morning.

And here is the same window is (finally) dressed for Spring in a thin linen-looking panel also $10 at Tuesday Morning.  Doesn't look much different, I know, but in person you appreciate the light airier-ness of the panels verses the cozy velvet ones that will seem just right again come October or November but are a bit heavy looking for Spring and Summer. 

I bought both sets soon after we moved for just $40 for all and so enjoy switching them out twice a year.
Hurray for Tuesday Morning!

However, I have this lovely material from clearance at Hobby Lobby that is awful ready for it's turn up on the window.

I suppose these will be my Summer Curtains?  Though I'm thinking once they're up, they won't be wanting to be switched out.

Update:  The Summer Curtains are up!  

Go {HERE} for a No-Sew Lovely Curtain Tutorial

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