Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Steps to Sanity : A Tie Rack

This post could also be a meek answer to the question: What ever happened to that 40 Bags in 40 Days Project?????

Well, it was going so well and for a good while, each day I really was steadily conquering, organizing and decluttering a specified mess.  HOWEVER.... some of the specified messes on my list were a bit bigger than others.  I ought to have broken them down into smaller tasks.  Also, there was tax season, which is a bit of an issue for me as a work-at-home-bookkeeper.  

And CLOSETS are such undertakings!

The initial tackling of each one would quickly result in a freakish mess like this one.

Above is a picture of our extra bedroom where my obliging husband kindly keeps his clothes.  For our five years of our marriage thus far, he always kept all of his ties slug over a plastic hanger and dropping on the floor.  And I dreamed of a tie rack like this.

Well now, I can move on to some more dreamy dreams, because I headed over to Bed, Bath, Beyond and finally got a tie rack using one of those big blue coupons, of course.   

And installed it myself, using a drill and everything.
I felt like such a good wifey.

 Here it is in all it's orderly niceness.

Look forward to posting full, lovely closet reveals....eventually. ;)

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  1. this is a great idea! i did not even know there were such things as this! i have seen the expensive motorized ones before... probably in a movie.. but i didn't think about this much. this would help my husband tremendously.. great idea. what's the next dream? : )

  2. looks like you took a giant step with the project, Cailan! It looks so nice and neat... must be so encouraging to open the door and find it like that!

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