Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Email Bird Told Me...

This happy announcement showed up in my inbox yesterday.

I have never ordered anything from this wonderful, lovely place, but I've visited their stores  a couple times and always make a beeline for the sale room in back, where I rummage through all kinds of delightful things with discounted tags - so much fun.

Here's a couple things I noticed that are about 30-60% off today.

 Love these colors.

A new, pretty bar of soap makes my day.

It's just so cute.

These would make my hair happy.

Probably wouldn't work...but so potentially cute and love the pockets.

 And these couple things are Not on sale, but I've been like-n-them-much nevertheless.

Just perfect.

So purty...in my kitchen.

 And who doesn't love these?

 Now, if only it was my birthday, anniversary, National Pamper Yourself Day?...nope, none of those. 
But still fun to browse. :)

{P.S.  If it is National Pamper Yourself Day in your neck of the woods don't dilly-dally with your order.  Antho sale stuff goes quick!  I speak from experience...}

1 comment:

  1. Are you sure its not "national pamper yourself day"???? i thought it was.
    And those mugs are really cool. thanks for the info, sister. ;)