Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joelle {Maternity Session}

Last weekend, I not only got to attend my sweet friend Joelle's delightful baby shower,  I also got to do a little photo shoot with her and her hubby.

The above shot is the only one I bring myself to do in black-n-white as I love the colors - that blue could not be any more beautiful on her.

I also loved this location.  I was actually trying to find a park in this near-by town, but instead was thrilled to stumble upon this vacant lot.

It was perfect - complete with lovely tall grass and trains...

old fences....

...and charming cows.

They are such a sweet, excited couple. 

(switched to a park with lake for these shots)

And I can't get over what a beautiful pregnant lady she is!

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  1. beautiful pics and a very beautiful pregnant momma! good work, sister.

  2. You are amazing, Cailan! I am SO thrilled that we were able to do this.
    Thank you!!!

  3. just beautiful! we are super excited to see the b.a.b.y. too!!! :)

    ~Jaimee and Jennifer

  4. She is beautiful.
    My Pastor's wife always says to pregnant women, "I like your shape!!!"
    How exciting for your girlfriend.

    I am visiting from wilw- http://www.thechattymommy.com