Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Bunting Tutorial (and where it ended up)

And then it ended up here for lots of festive fun at the Baby Shower.

I kept the making of it pretty simple.  Made a triangle template out of paper, traced it onto the fabric, and cut the them out.

Then pinned them to the topside of some thin bias tape.  Of course, I could have pinned the material inside the tape for a more finished look on either side, but that would have been awfully tedious.  It took awhile as it was but was mindless enough that I could watch reruns of The Office with my Sweetheart at the same time.

Here it is all pinned and piled, waiting to be run through the sewing machine - the sewing was the fun, quick part (esp. with my Sister to take care of that troublesome bobbin!)

And here is where the Bunting ended up - in our Sunroom/Playroom (mostly playroom) This room is definitely a work in progress.  I would love to cover the unpleasant popcorn ceiling with sheets of bead board...but not sure it we're up to take on that kind-of project ourselves and haven't checked into the cost. 

And yes, there are reasons you're not seeing the floor of this room. Messy reasons.  

Nevertheless, we're making this room a little lovelier... little bit (and some Bunting) at a time.

See New Tutorial for Large (Double-Sided) Bunting {HERE}


  1. Looks so gorgeous and sunny! Great photos!

  2. soooooooo pretty and fresh...lovely pictures.

  3. Loove this! The color and pattern is so pretty. Very whimsical too. If only I could sew....

  4. Sarah, my advice is find a nice friend who sews and see if they'll set you up on their machine with your own spool of thread. It's really very manageable to sew a straight line (which is All that I can do!) Thanks for your sweet feedback!

  5. I love it! I am your newest follower. Found you from Just a Girl.

  6. I love the yellow and grays and great pattern choice.