Monday, May 23, 2011

Quiet Time

 When my twins were ready to quit taking morning naps we instituted the most wonderful mid-morning tradition:  Quiet Time.  During Quiet Time the twins each get a basket of books to sit and look through in their beds, and I usually turn on the fan as they're used to it.  I really need to get a little cd player for some music.... 
When I started this they were so excited to get to read books instead of having to take a nap that they readily decided Quiet Time was superb.

Quiet Time is usually from 11:00 to 12:00, which provides a perfect window for me to spend some one-on-one time doing some preschool-type stuff with my four-year-old.  He also usually watches one Blue's Clues for the last 20 minutes and then the twins join him for a second Blue's Clues, keeping the two-year-old's t.v. time to a minimum and giving me a nice 40 minute window to Accomplish Something.

 This little one perhaps loves Quiet Time the most - no book is ever left unread in the basket.


  1. this idea is truly fabulous. you sisters are a.mazing! someday we will call you for child-training advice. :)
    ~Jaimee & Jennifer

  2. ok..i will just roll over and die when naps no longer exist. my little one is 2 and one month so i am hoping they linger on a little longer. when my now 17 year old was in preschool they still had to nap until they were 4...i am pushing for that haha...i love the quiet time idea though. sweet.