Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frames Are Really Quite Useful

This pictures is from our Library.  It's really just the front room of the house right off the Entry, but it houses most of our books and is more formal than the family room, so it's the Library.   

Someday I will give a little tour, but presently it's going through some uncomfortable growing pains.  However, today I thought I'd show how I changed-up the wall above this little china cabinet.

It used to look like this this.
I admit I spent quite a bit of time on this arrangement when we first moved in, and I don't not like it. But it was getting a bit stale on me and then, I robbed it of the Netting prints for the collage wall in our Master Bedroom.

So here it is today {later in the day, making for a darker photo} 

 I know, I know.  How many open frames do I really intend to decorate my house with? 
{you might well be wondering}

 Well, I rather doubt this is permanent and my arrangement above the fall mantel won't last too long, and the thing is, I seem to have quite a lot of frames. ;)  These large ones came from that Hobby Lobby clearance sale and for $7 a piece - I knew I could use them somehow.

They've sat about the house very unorderly-like until I decided to prop them up here on the newly blank wall, because well, it was Blank and our company for dinner was due to arrive any moment.  
And large frames do have a convenient way of filling up a blank space just in time for company.

Morals of this post: 
Don't let the wall arrangement get stale on you, change it up.  
And always consider big, beautiful, cheap frames at Hobby Lobby.

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday!

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  1. I love the arrangement of the frames in your home.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. I love the frames and I especially love your use of old books- I am the same way, using old books with practically every mantel, vignette, or decorating project I embark on. I am just drawn to their warmth and history for some reason.

  3. i love your beautiful home and decorating talent! you take such beautiful pictures! i'm with you on hobby love love that store and the great deals i get there. :)

  4. I love both arrangements , but I understand the need of change ...Frames in " a relationship" with old books - classic !!!

  5. We all love blank frames, but you, they're your Trademark. :)

  6. What about framing some of your own excellent photos that could be enlarged and transferred to stretched canvas to put in those lovely frames (they look like custom picture frames that were perhaps unsold due to sizing errors)? With your lighting and 'eye' for photo composition, if you added a few filters, they would look more like fine art than photos. Sell as signed & numbered Limited-Editions! Love all your photos.
    .... just my .02 worth.

  7. The frames add nice architectural interest. You can never have too many. I use them all over.

  8. The arrangement is lovely and interesting! I would be delighted for you to link this or another of your creative posts to Potpourri Friday. Link up begins on Thursday afternoon. Hope you will come check it out!

  9. What a beautiful display!! So darling!! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!