Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Room

In an attempt to update my "home tour" pages, I thought I'd group some of the family room pictures I have to make a more consolidated tour.   This is my favorite room in the house because we're always here together.

Here the mantel is dressed for Summertime.  I recently redid it with a collage of Frames for Fall, now onto Christmas!

Here's the no-sew curtains I made from clearance fabric at Hobby Lobby.  Love them.
Tutorial for lovely No-Sew Curtain Tutorial {HERE}.

 All the furniture in our home is Craiglist wins,  secondhand and thrift stores finds, or hand-me-downs except our couch.  We were so thrilled to get it after three months of sharing a single recliner when we first got married.

 Was so happy to find these pillows this summer - made me fall in love with my green couch all over again.


  1. Beautiful! I love the pillows. I can definitely see how they made you fall in love with your couch all over again!