Thursday, October 6, 2011

Canopy of Napkins

Today I thought I share a few notes about the little canopy I recently added to our four poster bed.  This is the bed that we got for $50 off of Craigslist - it pays to persevere!

I'd always wanted the romance of a four-poster with a bit of canopy.  I suppose I could've just draped some sort of curtain across, but I wanted something with a little more personality, so I used Sister's machine to sew together a napkin out of napkins - quite a la Ashley Ann.

Since high school, I've been something of a napkin/table linen collector, but certainly had more than I could really ever use. 
So I laid them out in a sort of patchwork pattern {dinner, tea, cocktail napkins with a couple tea towels thrown into the mix}, pinned them together, overlapping them so I could just sew across the top around each one  - very unprofessionally done, but all I wanted was for them to stay together.

And here's the finished piece.  I help secure it to the wood frame with a few pieces of Sticky Tack - such very useful stuff that is.

A little romance, a little personality, a little whimsy.


  1. ...and lots of beauty , lots of romance , lots of creativity ...I LOVE it !

  2. wow, Cailan! looks so fresh and light!

  3. How incredibly beautiful! (new follower here ♥)

  4. sooo pretty! elegant and simple. doesn't get better than that! love ur style doll. I'm a new follower:)

  5. What a beautiful idea! So simple and elegant! Love the suitcase endtable too!

  6. oh I love craigslist!!