Monday, October 17, 2011

Flea Market Fun

I've never experienced anything like the flea market bounty that seems to exist in the South. 
But I keep seeing the many pictures of treasures found that those lovely Southern ladies tease us Westerners with!

However on Saturday nearby Ft. Collins held a humble but lovely little flea market/craft fair - "The French Nest" and I got to go {with my mom even!} 
Here's a little of what I saw.

A collection of these key holes could make such an interesting arrangement near an entryway or in a little nook.

Loved all of these door knobs, but couldn't think what I needed one for.

 A few of these could've been really fun in my back entry - 
but maybe a little too chippy, so I passed...

These pictures are from the 142 Bis booth which also has a little shop in Downtown Ft. Collins. 
They put so much work into their displays.

 Love the ribbon on big wooden spools.

 And this hot air balloon paper. 

 And my find of the day - this lovely bed came home with me! 

At Last! So thrilled to find an iron twin bed for my little boy's room.  
And just for $40 - hurray. hurrah.   
Can't wait to share my plan for his room  {and get to work!}

So thankful for a day out in the gorgeous fall weather, hunting for good finds.
Is there much flea marketing and craft fair fun
to be had in your corner of the world?


  1. Great stuff! We don't have things like that in Idaho so I have to travel quite a ways to see fun stuff like this! LOVE the bed! And for $40?!? What a find!

  2. Get finds, I love the iron bed.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. Ok, so I posted about a 58 house garage sale I went to this weekend (in the South), but I went to college in Fort Collins and I am JEALOUS of your weekend!!! Glad you had fun and found something you liked!!

    I love your blog. I'm pretty new to blogging. I hope you'll stop by sometime!

    Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired

  4. Love the iron bed and the spools of ribbon! Sounds like a lovely day!

  5. I had a post in the wings about the French market here in Oxford--"my corner of the world"--thanks for the motivation to post it today!

  6. awww this makes me happy! i love treasure filled days with mom! they are few and far between anymore for me, but such a blessing! :) i purchased a bed JUST like that{full size} for my boys room for 12 bucks!! can't wait to see your plans! :) happy day!

  7. So happy for you about the bed frame! Can't wait to see what you do with it. :) love and hugs, Joelle