Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Books for Little People

We love reading all cozied up on the couch on these cool, Fall days.
Today I thought I'd share a couple favorite children's books with a bit of a Fall theme, 
my little people and I have been enjoying   

One thing I have finally taken advantage of is going online and placing holds on books at my local library.  Then when we all make the trip to the library I have a nice little stack of preselected books waiting for us.  I still let the children pick at least one off the shelves on there own.   After years of just picking all our books at random (or trying to look up and find a book while managing three kiddos) and then ending up with some really odd ducks once we got home, I found this is method preferable by far.

This is one of my very favorites.  I remember being charmed and fascinated by it in Elementary school.  The story is a sweet and simple picture of the early New England farmer, and the pictures are so lovely.

We love the Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  This autumn sequel Bear Feels Sick is another favorite.   Bear is sick and all his friends gather to take care of him.  Then all the friends get sick and Bear takes his turn to nurse his kind friends.  

This is another book also by Karma Wilson based loosely off of Psalm 92.  Celebrating Thanksgiving with family and lots of gratitude for the little things.

And this one is just darling.   I'm putting it in with these Fall favorites because Amos is sick and unfortunately Fall is equivalent to sickness around our house.  Amos is adorable and his kindly illustrated friends from the zoo warm your heart.

Perhaps you have some ideas now to reserve at the library

and read to your kiddos or your grand-kiddos 

...or the nice little kiddos down the street.


  1. thanks for the suggestions, sister. and you're welcome for passing on our sick germs so you can more fully enjoy the sicky-themed ones... :S (i'm actually very sorry about that.)

  2. Thanks for the ideas Cailan! We love reading,too, and even my big kids will listen in when I am reading to my little:).