Monday, October 10, 2011

A Bushel and Peck

Hope you weren't too startled by the music today!  
 I have no idea how this song got in my head, but it is quite stuck and I have no intention of getting it out any time soon.

It is so cheering that I thought I'd share it with you this lovely, Monday morning.

It's been getting a lot of playtime around here,
and my little people are all singing it about the house. 

love you...

a bushel and peck

though you make my heart a wreck

and you make my life a mess...

make my life a mess,

yes, a mess of happiness.

Wishing you a whole mess of happiness the whole week long.


  1. awww! i love this! hope you have a wonderful week, too! ;) your kids are just so sweet.

  2. I sing bushel and a peck to my son every night!!! that's OUR song!! LOVE IT!! for my mother's day, they got me a hallmark card with this song.

  3. Oh so cute ... my mom used to sing that. Your children are so photogenic.

  4. wow... SO cute! and what a sweet song :)
    happy monday!

  5. Adorable little angels ! a mess of happiness , love these words ...
    Happy Monday to you !

  6. I LOVE how they are all marching around with their IKEA timers. THey are so cute!!