Monday, October 3, 2011

Pendant Pick

 First of all, thank you for your most lovely-kind words regarding my recent efforts in painting and framing.
It meant very much indeed.  Look for a Thank-You-Much-Giveaway later this week!

Today I wanted to talk about my light fixture you may have spied in some of my recent pics.
It is a fairly recent addition to our little breakfast nook.

I had a choice between either new knives to replace my comically mismatched set or a new light fixture for our breakfast nook.  I actually chose the knives initially...but then returned them and promptly ordered this lovely I'd be eying for over a year - got to keep my priorities straight. :)

I chose the Eldridge Pendant from Ballard Design
which I made sure to snag during one of their frequent 15% off sales.

One of my biggest hesitations all of these months was which size to get as the pendant Medium or Large.  I really wanted it to be big enough to make a substantial design statement, but I did not want to pay $150 price jump up for a large pendant. 

At last I felt confident the Medium would be fine and was surprised how grand it is in size.  Can't imagine how huge the Large must be - probably intended for a tall foyer area. 

It's the big lantern-type fixture I was wanting with an industrial feel - perfect.

And another very big thanks to Mr. Andy {my brother-in-law} 
who so kindly installed it - he made it look so easy!


  1. I love the modern meets traditional look your kitchen and nook has. That light fits in perfectly!

  2. Oh my gosh, your kitchen/dining area is beautiful! I love the light fixture and I just read your post about looks great!

  3. aww, how sweet of Handy Andy to hang it for you! now that is the kind of brother-in-law to have. :) I've been wanting to tell you just how very much in love I am with your table ~ I love it!!! The color is a favorite of mine, and Mom and I are in awe of how smooth you got the paint. Any secrets with that? (did you use a brush?) Also, the yellow napkins were the perfect compliment. love you!

  4. I think it's perfect!! I would have guessed that you ordered the large size!