Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wear-Ever Lovely Wherever

 Found this Wear-Ever pitcher and tray at a garage sale the other week.  $5 for both.

I'm not so sure about using the pitcher other than for a vase those as Wear-Ever is made of Aluminum.  Anyone know if this would be a good idea?

 I love using the tray for serving - like here at the twin's party. 
(Yes, I know I just showed you this picture - promise this is the last time :)


And on an unrelated note, has anyone had a perfectly ripe peach lately?  
These are some organic lovelies that Sister shared with me and they. are. heaven.

I had quite forgotten something this wonderfully sweet grew on trees. 

Hope you had a lovely-sweet weekend!


  1. This was a great $5.00 find...lucky you:) I’m having a Pottery Barn gift card giveaway…hop over and enter…ends 8/28 at midnight.


  2. i love all your photos cailan, no matter how many times you share them!

    p.s. can you email me?? i wanted to chat with you.

  3. I love this post. Your photography is so pretty. And good $5.00 garage sale finds. so fun!

  4. Lovely finds. I think it's safe to drink out of those pitchers. You should be able to find a proper answer by Googling the subject.

    Those peaches look so yummy.

  5. Such pretty photography! I had heard that you shouldn't drink out of those old aluminum items. I used to love the cups that were made out of aluminum. They seemed to keep the drinks so cold. Or maybe it was just because they kept my hand so cold too!