Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Date Night Idea

My husband and I have always struggled a bit to make "date night" happen.  Having our first baby nine months into marriage with the twins following less than two years later didn't exactly help. ;)

However, lately we've been going out about once every two weeks and I attribute our sudden zeal to Bonefish Grill's Bang-Bang Shrimp Wednesday.
{our city is sadly lacking in quaint little independent restaurants, so we take what we can get!}

Every Wednesday they offer their Bang-Bang shrimp appetizer for just $5.  And it is YUMMY.   We usually share one and then another order, and split one of their nice side salads, giving us nice little dinner out for less than $20.
{their bread and dipping pesto/oil is also quite nice}

And you get to use chopsticks to eat it with, and eating with chopsticks just makes food feel like special fun.

The key to our success was that this deal happens Every Wednesday, so every Wednesday my sweetheart started thinking,  It's Bang-Bang Shrimp night....let's call a sitter.  Once we did it two or three times every couple weeks, the loveliness of getting out together was pretty firmly set in our list of priorities. 

And you better believe that I'm feeling pretty happy about that. ;)


  1. great idea!
    most of our dates are midweek, because of schedules. wish we had a bang-bang shrimp though:)


  2. And it's Wednesday! So I hope you are enjoying your evening out tonight! :) Looks so yummy. We love dipping bread in pesto/oil.
    ~Jennifer and Jaimee

  3. What a loverly custom... we once did that but it has fallen to the side with DH working till 8pm.. but we have replaced it with other treats.. it is all about taking the time to be with each other.. after 6 kids we do all we can! :)


  4. That shrimp looks delicious! Last night we went swimming!


  5. What a great idea to celebrate mid-week! I will have to tell Bryan. :)