Friday, August 19, 2011

New Challenge and Bit of Miscellany

First a pretty picture:

That ceiling color is perfection.  Love the blue with the mustard shades.

Now, where have I seen these colors before?  Ah yes, my boy's room inspiration colors... really going to get going on that project soon!

Also isn't this the loveliest, pretty shirt?  Selling way too quickly over at Old Navy of all the wonderful, reasonable places. 

Recent favorite pic of my little people.

Also, completely smitten with this fabric - where oh where can it be found??

And yes, I am giving myself a new challenge:

You may have read about the 40 Day, 40 Bags of Unloveliness Challenge I gave myself last Spring.  

And you may have read that I didn't quite complete the challenge.

However, the challenge did get me focused and actively doing something about the messy, disorderly, unlovely, no-good-dirty parts of my home.   And I learned Two Things that I hope will make me more successful this time around.   Thing #1 is to Break Down Bigger Tasks Into Small 20 Minute or so Tasks. I did this with somethings - like when I listed a particular drawer "Cup Drawer" in the kitchen instead of just listing "Kitchen Cabinets".  And those were the fun days.  But I got into trouble when I listed things like "Twin's Closet" and "Pantry"  - got completely bogged down when faced with those tasks.  So this time I'm breaking it down, keeping it simple, minimal.  

And if I feel like I can breeze through Two Days on my list instead of just One because they're "so easy", well then, I will just get to feel like a bonefide-ahead-of-the game-Superwoman!

The other change is that I'm going for a 20 Day instead of 40 Day Challenge, because I apparently have a short attention span and 40 days was just far too many days for me to keep up my focus, momentum and enthusiasm.  So, I'm opting to celebrate having completed a 20 day challenge in 20 days and then start up a fresh spankin' new 20 Day Challenge directly after, rather than hang my head in shame on day 60 of my 40 Day Challenge. ;)

Pretty much I'm trying to make this a fail-proof deal.  ;)

So, without further ado, my List of 20 spaces to clean, organize, declutter - and toss out the bag!

1. Cup and Plate Cupboard
2. Bowl Cupboard
3. Tupperware Drawer
4. Pots and Pans
5. Top of Toy Shelf
6. Middle of Toy Shelf
7. Sunroom Cabinet
8. Top of Sunroom Cabinet
9. Shelf above Cabinet
10. Top Half Linen Closet
11. Bottom Half Linen Closet
12. Sock Drawer
13. Pajama Drawer
14. Shelf in Twin's Closet
15. Shelf in Elias' Closet
16. Make-up Drawer
17. Toothpaste & Hair Drawer
18. Under My Bathroom Sink
19. Top of Refrigerator
20. Under Kitchen Sink

Now get out your list making pencils and paper and join in the lovely, orderly fun!

Challenge starts Monday!

P.S. For some lovely, orderly inspiration Sister did a Superb post on shelf organization and the beauty of "white space" this week.


  1. I have a similar mission going on in my home. I'm cleaning and reorganizing room by room...trying to accomplish it all before the kids go back to school. Good luck with yours.

  2. Dear Cailan, I just bought that exact shirt when I was in the States a few weeks ago--(my husband didn't see it, but I'm telling you I flipped out when I walked past it)--Love it! And as for declutter, I am all about it. But I was helped by having to sell 80% of my possessions and pay to ship the rest across the ocean. That sort of makes it easier. :) I haven't much clutter left to de-, but I'm gonna try and make a list and join you. You are the best. Thanks for your blog!

  3. Great challenge. If I were home I would go for it.

  4. Cailan, I found your delightful blog through one of Meagan's posts. So great to get a snapshot of your life! You look great and your family is beautiful! Our family thinks of you and all your loved ones most often. I love being able to catch up a little!

    Love from our family to yours,