Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Party Details & No-Spill Mason Jar Tut

 So here's some some of the details from the twin's Ice Cream Party in yesterday's post. One of my very favorite details were these lidded, no-spill mason jar cups for the kiddos.

This idea is not original, but I did make them my own way.  This lovely lady used a drill to make the straw hole and then a file to file down the sharp ends, but I always try to avoid using power tools if at all possible! So I wondered if just using an everyday paper hole-punch would do the trick.  

Here's all my supplies.

It worked beautifully. This is just a picture to show you, and the lid is already painted.  You'll want to make the wholes first and then spray paint the lids.

The lovely part was that the paper straw fit the punch hole perfectly - nice and snug to truly provide no-spills.

Now here are the little party favors.  These are ice cream bottles of bubbles found in the party favor section at Target.  I wanted to tie ribbon on, but the angle of the cone was such that it was impossible, so I just ran a line of hot glue around the cone and attached the ribbon that way.

The kiddos were completely smitten.

Other party details and sources:

Straws: Garnish
Ice Cream Bubble Favors: Target
Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Bow-Tie: Sister
Hair Flower: Sister
Bunting: This Post
Yellow Stripe Fabric: Thrifted

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Strawberry Wafer Cookies
Maraschino Cherries
Mint Pariels
Wilton's Sprinkles
Chocolate and Strawberry Syrup
Sugar and Regular Ice Cream Cones

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  1. you {and sister} are so creative! Truly loved seeing all the pics of your darling twins, as well as the little details that made this party "pop!"

    Love it all! and you. :)

    ~Jaimee and Jennifer

  2. This is so sweet, simple and lovely all at the same time! I love it, Cailan and your pictures are beautiful. Three cheers for you for multi-tasking - wow!

  3. the hole punch is brilliant. the party is so cute. and that bow tie...stop it!

  4. I ♥love♥ mason jars! I mean, LOVE them:) And now I have an idea to use them for my kiddoes!

    Thanks for stopping by my WILW post - returning the gesture!

  5. What an adorable little party! The hole puncher is SUCH a great idea. I always use a drill. Love all of this!

  6. adorable - I do love the mason jars (obviously :)) actually my husband tried to convince me to make ours with the punch but I HAD to have the hole in the center and forced him to bust out the drill...now I see how cute it can be with the hole on the side. Love the entire party all the details are perfect!

  7. will definitely have to do this!! we use mason jars as our regular kiddo drinking glasses and i would love a no spill option! thank you! :)

  8. I tried doing your really good idea, but unfortunately my hole puncher did not work :(