Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on the Alarm Clock Situation

Awhile back I told you about my decision to finally purchase this alarm clock from Pottery Barn.  It was a a bit of a splurge, but I thought it was exactly what I wanted....

But the other week - four months later - I came across this little Timex lovely at the thrift store for just $3.99. 

A nice feature about this one is that there's a button in the back that you push to make the face light up.   

And truth be told, it's a little hard to read the glowing hands on the Pottery Barn model without my contacts in the middle of the night.

However, the Pottery Barn clock is made of metal whereas this is plastic and a bit scuffed.
{focusing on the positive!} 

Should I have been more patient and added a few more months to the few years of waiting??? Hmmmm. 
Fortunately, I was very much wanting to replace the neon green digital clock by the bed in the guest room.

I like to think it will make guests happy.


  1. this clock is adorable, classic and simple. it isn't as elegant looking as the pb, but it is pretty too! i would love the push button glow feature myself.


  2. I love how you called this a "situation" bc that is exactly how I would have addressed it. :) I think you made the exact right choice. I love it much better than PB's ( I have seen it in stores before). :)

  3. hmmmm I have to say every time I have splurged on pottery barn that item has lasted much much much longer than anything I have bought at lets say target :)

  4. great find, sister. i especially love the 2's and 7. so fun!