Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Old Dolls

I found this little group of dolls at a garage sale last week  - $11 for all three.

They're in rather sad shape, and when I first saw them laying in the cardboard for sale box, I immediately thought of Beth's sweet little forgotten dolls in Little Women - the worn and torn dolls that Beth takes in and cares for when her sisters throw them out.

In the story, she creates a home for infirm dolls and repairs them as well as she can without using a needle, which might hurt them.

I couldn't very well leave them there in that box, so I brought them home and think they will live quite happily in the Twin's Nursery.  

Now, I'm thinking it would be so lovely to read Little Women again - it's been so long... 
I just might do it.

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  1. They are great! I sort of like beat up old dolls. They show that they were well loved. Now I'll have to go check out the twin's nursery.

  2. I am always attracted to these old dolls too. Glad you got a few .

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What sweet dollies! And what a great book... may have to put it on my list to read again sometime soon!

  4. They do look so sweet together! So glad you rescued them.

  5. Were these sweet babies clothed? I have never seen a dressed baby at a yard sale. They are all in their birthday suits!!