Friday, August 26, 2011

What I Came Away With & Friday Miscellany

Thank you much for all your kind well wishes for our first IKEA adventure.  Of course, I loved IKEA, and we had so much fun, as Sister said, it was "better than any kind of entertainment".  

Fortunately since we went on a weekday the crowd wasn't too bad at all, but it was still a bit of a shopping/sensory overload - so much to see, and take in, and consider!  
I didn't come away with much in my bag...but plenty of possibilities in my head!

Here's what did make it in my bag.  So happy about this blanket - pretty for the bedroom but especially great as a prop for baby pictures. ($20)

 Sweetest little timers for $1.99 - these are for my kiddos.  They love funny little things like this and will carry them around for days.

 Also these dish towels for 79 cents a piece.  These will be a simple, fresh addition to my kitchen linens 
(and replace some stained, busy towels).

Oh, and a little chocolate managed to make it's way in as well.  
Quite the bar of yum for 99 cents.

Oh! it was such a wonderful day out!  
Now enter today refreshed and zealous for housework, husband, and little people. :)

Have one more thing to show you, and a 20 Bags in 20 Days update I'll add later today.  
Are you making some progress too?  Of course, it's not too late to start!


  1. I'm trying to think about what I would give for a day at IKEA with my mother and my sister. I think my right arm? (I am left-handed, however, and have recently learned to type with just the left due to holding the baby with the other. So it's not quite as sacrificial as it sounds...) But A-mazing. And i'm jealous. And good for you--great choices for treasures to bring back to the nest.

  2. love your blanket. i have it pinned. IKEA is such a fun place. glad you enjoyed your day.