Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Tidy Cup & Plate Cabinet


Here's one of the first spaces I went after this first week of my 20 Day Challenge:
My Plate & Cup Cabinet.

You can read about the challenge {HERE}.


Quite jumbled.


Nice and neat, with some attention to taking heavier things off of lower shelves and making things look as pleasing as possible, of course. 

{My Bag}

These are the things I'm getting rid of. 
First a couple random plates that were inhibiting neat plate stacks.
And some compote bowls that never get least I think I'm ready to get rid of them!

Also my last 5 wedding glasses.  I can't remember if I started out with 8...or 12, but they've broken really easily and I don't really need to keep around 5 random glasses that I'm likely to shatter at any moment. Replacing them with - wait for it - Mason Jars.  Pretty classy, right? But ever since using them from the twin's party, I've been pretty smitten.  

So there's my little update - off to tackle another space and toss another bag!

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  1. Love it! Amazing how getting rid of a few items can really make a huge difference!