Friday, April 15, 2011

Assigned Seating... for Pots

So far, each day I've gotten a little closer to being 40 spaces cleaner, brighter, and beautiful-er in my little house.  I admit, I'm saving the worst for last.  But in the meantime, it's been nice to have some quick, manageable projects to check off on these days when I've been extra busy with office work.

One such project was this incorrigible pot cupboard.  The one I'd honestly given up on and was content with if I could just get the door to close shut.

 Nevertheless it was on my list, so tackle it I did.  And I had a Breakthrough! I discovered Assigned Seating for Pots.  Now, every pot has a an assigned "seat", so I know in exactly what spot to place any particular pot every time. 
Okay, so I realize I'm just barely catching up with what the rest of the organized world has known all along, but what can I say?  Something just clicked for me this time, and I report that my cupboard has looked like this for a whole week and a half. :)

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  1. so lovely! I've been looking at your "list" here and there and have been so encouraged to do some cleaning/organizing of my own. Thanks, sweet friend! love to you,