Monday, April 18, 2011

The Boppy

When the Twins starting talking,  my little man started to refer to his twin sister as "The Boppy".  "Boppy" was his unexpected but nevertheless believable abbreviation of her name , but we were mystified by the "the".   He was always asking "Where's the Bobby?" or saying "Let's go find the Boppy".  It was pretty sweet. 

Somewhere along the way he dropped the "the", and now she is just "Boppy".

I'm so thankful for my one little girl.  She's the perfect pink-lace-and-Mary-Jane balance for our otherwise (albeit delightful) gray-plaid-and-Oxford-world.

We all love the Boppy. 

And I couldn't ask for a sweeter pair.


  1. These pics melt my heart. So precious. And your daughters eyes are so beautiful!

  2. oh boy, do we ever love "the boppy". she's the cutest little thing you'll ever see. xoxo
    aunt meg

  3. oh and aren't her little elbow dimples just adorable??!!

  4. are there twins through out your family or just you and you sisters?
    Oh and did you label under your pots?

  5. just love it! what a cutie-pie she and brother are... we miss them (and you!)!!!

    ~Jaimee and Jennifer