Friday, April 8, 2011

Park-n-Picnic Pictures

Yesterday, we did the only rational thing to be done when it's nearly 70 degrees outside -  make up some sandwiches and head for the park.

We collected pine cones.

{Some of us were content with fewer pine cones than others of us.}  :)

We squinted in the bright sunshine. 

We rediscovered Dandelions.

And had ourselves a picnic lunch.

Here's my brood, all in their little Communist hats (as my husband refers to them) and their little French terry jackets found at on sale here for the happy price of $8 a piece.  They were so excited to put the jackets on and find that they all had one "just like" each others.  

So sweet to watch them amble about together.

And so glad I managed to get us out and seize the day.  Note to self: Do Pinic-n-Park again very soonish. 


  1. i'm not sure what i love more, your gorgeous photos or those sweet jackets & hats. so cute!!

  2. What a lovely day in the park! wish we could have joined you guys :) The kiddos are absolutely adorable. Please give them each a hug from us!
    ~Jennifer and Jaimee

  3. Beautiful picnic pictures!! The jackets & commie hats are too cute. :)