Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Lovely Gift Wrapping Station

I love pretty packaging.  It can make even the humblest gift feel special. 

I'm not, however, particularly fond of the wrapping part or the mess of lots of supplies. 
Wrapping takes a long time, so I set out this year to make the job as simple and pleasant as possible.

This little trunk was made for me by Sister and Handy Andy for my birthday last year.  It was to be my "Crafting Trunk".  Sister had thoughtfully filled it with all sorts of helpful crafting supplies in nice little labeled bags and boxes.  
Since then my supplies have outgrown the space, so I turned it into my little Wrapping Station.


The trunk was from Hobby Lobby, but Andy fitted it with dandy little ribbon rod.  So clever - certainly one of my favorite gifts ever. 

 My goal was to keep my supplies as simple as possible...but still lovely, of course.

Here's my Christmas Ribbon picks.  All of this ribbon is from Hobby Lobby, found in the regular ribbon section {not the Christmas aisles, so even if your Christmas aisles are picked over - like ours our - you can still find some lovely "holiday ribbon"} I picked ribbon that matched my Christmas decor.  The twiney string on the end is also from Hobby Lobby - I found it in the shelf by the registers.

I love using real ribbon.  It can be reused again and again.

 And beautiful ribbon makes the simplest wrapping paper pop.  I'm using plain brown wrapping paper for all my presents this year.  This keeps me from having rolls and rolls of Christmas paper to store all year long.  Also, I can use it year round matched with any ribbon and "brown paper packages tied up with string" are always pretty charming.

These are my gift tags.  The ones on top are from Michaels and below from Hobby Lobby.  I found the top ones last, but they were the best deal - 20 for $1.99.  I'll try to get one size bigger for larger packages, but they were out at the time.

Then we have my much-loved typewriter letter stamps.

I used them to stamp the tags with "to" and "from".  I also like to just stamp out the whole name - with a bigger tag. 

So there's my little wrapping station.  
{the felt trees in the corner are ornaments I got last year on clearance to be used as gift toppers}

It made wrapping all of these such fun.

But don't be fooled - all of these gifts are those my ahead-of-the-game-sweetheart had already purchased for his dad and brother.  I still have almost all my Christmas shopping ahead of me... but at least now I'm looking forward to the wrapping part. 


  1. I love your wrapping station and your simple gift wrap! I may need to get some brown paper and do the same thing? That sounds so much easier than buying different paper for all occasions!

  2. Love this. I think that is wonderful, i am definetly going to wrap in brown paper with pretty ribbon this christmas!

  3. love it! you have some of my most favorite things there. i can never have enough plain gift tags, there are so many uses for them!

  4. Your wrapping station is fabulous! How wonderful to have all of the supplies grouped together so neatly! And I'm a complete fan of your gift wrap selections - beautiful!

  5. I love how everything is in one trunk so that it can be easily put away and out of view. Very cool!!

  6. I actually cut them out by hand while watching a little mindless tv ;-)

  7. beautiful! perfect station, and i adore the supplies! xo

  8. love that trunk idea!! I get brown paper packaging every year from the dollar store!!! Huge rolls for such a cheap cost!

  9. that is SO so cute...what a clever (and precious) idea! :) and i love all the colors you have chosen for the ribbon - and im totally loving the stamped-on-letters idea, i may have to steal that one! :) your stuff is just precious!!

  10. That is so beautiful! And to be honest, I'm just as obsessed with the ribbons as I am with the whole wrapping station/trunk idea!

  11. yeah for wrapping stations!! love that yours is in a little case like that...too cute!

  12. we adore it all... and you. You are brilliant!

    love & hugs!
    your Texan friends

  13. Thanks for sharing - this is lovely! I write a blog about gift wrapping but doing it for Christmas does stress me out. I like your goal of making things as simple and pleasant as possible.

  14. everything looks very lovely!
    although i don't have a station, we use the same supplies!
    love it!

  15. Your blog is so beautiful and you have some great ideas for storage. I am on the hunt for those typewriter font cute. I just found you through Trish at notes of sincerity and am your newest follower. Patty

  16. i share your love of real ribbon and brown paper--it's been a while since i've used anything else! saw brown paper in oxford for a quid today--made me way too happy!