Friday, December 2, 2011

My Christmas Mantel : the First Attempt

Sorry not have been more present this last week.  I've been blessed to do so many photo shoots and that's taken up a lot of my "computer time" as I try to get all the images edited in time for everyone's Christmas card.  BUT I have a nice set of posts planned for next week and hope to share some unexpected things that have been going on lately.  
In the meantime here's some "in process" pictures of my mantel.  ;) Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

 Really this post could be more fitly titled "what I threw up on the mantle before company came last week and haven't touched since".  Earlier today, I turned my chair away from my desk - where I was attempting some diligence at my bookkeeping job - saw the light was good and snapped a couple pictures.

I really wanted to do something completely different for a Christmas mantel than these frames I put up for my Fall Mantel.  Perhaps I'll still get to it...we'll see.  For now, I thought you might like to see the mantle "in process".
Since turquoise as taken up a pretty permanent residence in our living room - and I'm far too fond of this pillow to put it away even for December.  I tried to incorporate some of that color into my Christmas decor.

I got some tealy blue balls at Michaels for the tree {which also was rather thrown together}. 

And I put some turquoise Mason jars on my mantel.  The plan is to have some filled with unshelled nuts and some old fashioned striped hard candy...but for now I have a few pine cones.  I told you this was thrown together right?

I am pleased with this little wreath.  In past years she always sat on a table with a candle in her center - I like her much better hung up with ribbon.

So here the mantel is at present.  Hoping I'll get a shot of inspiration and pull it together a bit more by next week...Again, we'll see. :)


  1. I just love your style!! The little wreath is charming and what a fun pop of color the blue jars provide. Filling them with goodies will be lovely:).

    So glad you have been busy with your photography business! You are super talented!!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Sometimes simple and thrown together makes the best decorating - I think it looks great!