Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Portraits: The Mattox Family

I loved this photo session.  It was unique because we did some pictures indoors as well as outdoors.   This is very unusual for me as a natural light photographer.  But I was able to make the indoor pictures work because this family had a very large west-facing window for us to use for light,  which was a good thing because it was C.O.L.D that day. :)

So I showed up at the Mattox's home and while Mom was getting herself and one little girl ready I took some pictures of her sister by the window.

Then we were joined by Little Sister.  Oh my, were these girls ever darling.

Once everyone was ready we stepped outside for some family pictures.

These lovely little dresses weren't too warm, so soon we were back inside on a bench we pulled up close to the large window.  Worked beautifully.

Then back outside real quick for a couple more shots.

Worked out so well and I loved the personal element added by shooting in and right outside their own home.


  1. wow, you did a wonderful job! oh yes, those little girls are just adorable.. i love their big blue eyes.. love it all!

  2. Really beautiful family photograph. Thank you sharing..