Friday, December 9, 2011

My Christmas Mantle: Snowflakes & Candy

Seeing as it's just about two weeks to Christmas, I finally pulled my Christmas mantle together.  I decided to keep the frames I used for fall as that's really too many holes in the wall to deal with after only one season, and I really do like the frames.  So I added some Christmas elements, deciding that they would be be nice backdrop from some hanging snowflakes.

It's been years since I've made any and I had so much fun.  I looked on Pinterest to find these extremely easy-to-follow instructions put together by Kerli.  It truly is a quite a thrill to unfold each one and discover the design you've somehow managed to make.

I hung them up using red twine.

The red twine answered the red and white peppermint candies I filled my jars with.
I loved using these jars as a way to incorporate the turquoise I'm using in my decor this year, and the peppermint candies were a happy, inexpensive way to add color.   They were the only thing I spent money on for the mantle.  These here represent about two big bags of candy - I could've used at least 3 but they were out at the store.  My kiddos loved helping me unwrap them.

 For a wreath, I hung up this little number that I've used for years as table center piece with a candle in the middle.

 Overall I'm happy that I kept it simple: paper, candy, and leftover from the Christmas decorating bin.  Kind of shows what you can do when you already have good bones - or frames - to work with. 

 I hope very much that you have a lovely weekend
and take some time to enjoy this beautiful season. 
I'm off to turn on the Christmas music, light a mistletoe candle, make some muffins for breakfast, and enjoy being Home.


  1. Beautiful mantel! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. soooooo pretty! I love the peppermint in the jars!

  3. I really do love the final outcome, Cailan! Lovely snowflakes too... :-)


  4. Love, love, love the mantel! Simple but beautiful! PS... I vote to keep the frames up all year long! :)

  5. Just lovely! :) I like how you used what you had - I'm trying to do that too!

  6. I love the simplicity of your mantel. You used what you had so effectively and it looks so festive, but so calm. I also used mason jars filled with candy on my sideboard - although I restricted myself to the clear ones instead of turquoise because I was going for a red and white theme. I drew on some plates from the dollar store with a sharpie - I could see a few of those looking good in your frames too. You can see my sideboard here:

  7. Your fun snowflakes reminded me of the online 'snowflake' creator that you'll enjoy trying different cut-outs (without scissors)

    Flash snowflake applet (click on large snowflake to make your own.)

  8. The peppermints in the vintage jars...this is an out of this world idea...I love it

    Just found your blog....having a wonderful time tip toeing around.

    have a happy day

  9. How could i have forgotten about paper snowflakes this year?! I'll be remedying that tomorrow with the twins while we wait on the cookies to come out of the oven!! Your mantle is fabulous, I'm loving the peppermints in the jars.
    Rinni @ Rinni'sPlayground

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