Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Decor Yet

Truth be told, I'm not a natural "crafter".  As I mentioned on Monday, my sister just gave me my first officialish craft supplies last year.  I'm finding that I love it, but it's all pretty new.  And when it comes to crafting with my kiddos, I just don't naturally think to do it.   And when I do think about it, I feel like I never have a good idea or the right supplies. 

All that to say that when "Make a Christmas Craft" came up for our Advent Calendar activity I could have easily made it a big deal. But I didn't! When I was at the grocery store I picked up a bag of cotton balls - they were probably more expensive than getting them at Wal-mart, but I was all about making this happen as simply as possible.

I already had glue at home.

And construction paper.

 And three reasonably willing children. 

Cotton balls + construction paper + glue + 3 kiddos =  3 Merry Cotton Ball Snowmen

 And we hung them on the side of the refrigerator. And I love them.

Our frig is in the very center of our home so I see them from my desk, when I come down the stairs, walk in the kitchen or sit on the couch.  I had just cut out eyes and noses for them, but my kiddos insisted on adding a smile - so glad they did. These merry snowmen always cheer me up.   I know it's silly and even a rather sad, but these snowmen represent a triumph for me -  I crafted with my children.  I kept it simple.  I made it happen.  And though it wasn't perfect, it was good and little fun, and I could do it again.  

  This is seriously my favorite bit of Christmas decorating we've done yet. 


  1. Good for you, dear Cailan! Well done to the children, those are great!

  2. they're really cute, Cailan! way to go :-)

  3. these are so precious! :)
    great job, momma! :)

  4. Those are the cutest and what wonderful memories you are building with your children.

  5. Really really cute. I should sit and do something fun with my kids too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. the cutest cotton-ball snowmen I have ever seen ~ smiles and all! absolutely precious!

  7. How adorable!!! It doesn't get much better than this - so, SO precious!