Thursday, August 4, 2011

Completey Oblivious

 I've never been much of a shoe girl.  Comfort has always ranked pretty high, which means I have a long, complacent history with Dansko and Birkenstock.
Buying cute little sale shoes like these last month was a fun little aberration.

However. Yesterday I received an Anthropologie magazine in the mail. 
{They have my address now that I got that little yellow card}

I don't think I've ever seen anything like these.

I really had no idea -

Shoes this cute existed.  These oxfords take the cake.
Could they be more adorable??

 And yellow! 
I discovered the happiness of yellow shoes with my little $9 felt Mary Jane's from Target last year - they were so lovely, I quite wore them out. 

The problem is that with these shoes being oblivious was a good, safe thing - the prices!
I can't even fathom paying that much for something on my feet.

I will simply have to impress upon my brain that these shoes must be terribly uncomfortable to wear. :)


  1. I love targets shoes! Love antrho's stuff ... not a fan of the prices:)

  2. too cute :)
    yes, we agree - they do look uncomfortable!! ;)

  3. The ruffle shoes you could probably make if you buy wedges and faux leather and glue it;-)

  4. sister. you and i speak the same shoe language. and our wallets must look the same on the inside too! those shoes are ART. just beautiful. however. most of what is on my feet and in my closet are my beloved dansko that i first fell in love with during my pregnancy, and birks. i have been wearing birks since high school. they're part of the "uniform" around the pacific northwest you know. that and a cup of coffee in hand! have a lovely day out there!