Monday, August 22, 2011

Where the Birdies Perched

Last week I wrote about these sweet little bird paper clips -

- from a thoughtful friend.

This week I put them up on some ribbon (my favorite ribbon), draped about the mirror by our back entry.  

I'm working to tweak this whole little entry area, but power tool issues - actually just basic measuring inability - kept me from finishing.  Hopefully, I'll show you pics later this week.

For now here's the mirror.

I printed out some black & white pics with a "Polaroid" frame of sorts (a "frame" option Picnik offers).  Walgreens cropped of the sides.  Silly Walgreens.

Ah well, the effect is close enough to what I was going for -

Polaroid-like, happy photo display with birdies to boot.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog - yesterday! I love the feel of it and once I'm done posting this comment I'm going to have a real good look around! :D I must say I love, LOVE those bird clips!!!! Seriously, I'm going to get myself some...and take some infspiration from your design! Well off to snoop around! ;)

    PS. I like pink too! ;)

  2. Very cute idea. I have Walgreens 'fix' my photos a few times as well! This inspires me to go print some 'littles' in black and white too. I am always thinking 'big' but I really like the little pics. Lori L

  3. I love these! They would be fun & easy to make too.